Why Should a Business Use Social Media?

Written by Jeremy Scott on 10 March 2018

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Social media has become one of the most powerful communications tools for a business. It’s free and it’s fast. It’ll connect you with your market anywhere, at anytime.

The key to a successful social media campaign is to ensure that  it’s  used efficiently and effectively.

Here are a few key points to think about when you’re managing a business page on social media.

  • It allows a business to engage directly with a specific market.
  • It subtly steers the consumers towards a sales funnel (whether they know it or not).
  • It’s a form of customer service for a business and adds value to customers.
  • It can become a publishing house for a business. It’s form of media that you own.
  • It’s a PR avenue and can assist with publicity and reputation management . It also makes a business look ‘approachable & legitimate’ as a company.
  • It assists in raising awareness about a company and/or its staff profiles.
  • It allows a business to communicate clear, concise key messages.
  • It allows an audience to have a ‘real time’ perspective of what is going on in your industry
  • Social media is a key driver in directing a consumer straight to your website.
  • Once they land on your website, it’s important for them to ‘subscribe’ asap to your newsletter if you have a direct sales strategy. To encourage them to jump onto your database, there should be something there that entices them to “sign up” – a free tips brochure on investing in the current market, an industry report on Australia’s property hot spots, a quick guide to what’s going on in your industry or a special promotion  etc. Your subscriber list/database is key in translating interest to sales.
  • It’s increasingly becoming a first point of reference for a consumer (even before your website!)