When to use Social Media

Written by Jeremy Scott on 25 May 2017

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Knowing WHEN to post your content on social media is just as important as knowing what you are going to post about. Here a few quick tips to consider:

  • Have a detailed social media communications schedule with your weekly posts mapped out across a 3-6 month timeframe. Reassess every few weeks and allow that plan to be extended.
  • Get familiar with scheduling your posts if you are running several accounts. You can schedule posts for most social media outlets through different functions or apps.
  • Ensure your social media plan is in line with your PR plan. If your company is planning a big announcement to the media, you don’t want to release it across your social media channels the day before. Be guided by a professional when dealing with large campaigns.
  • Ensure every post is carefully crafted. Write your posts in advance and ensure they are edited. Never go into a post ‘feeling rushed’ or that you need you post something ‘just for the sake of it.’ That shines through in a look of desperation.
  • Research your target market and find out what days/times they are most likely to be checking their social media. Ie- 10.30am and 1pm during business hours are often when a lot of the corporate market are checking their phones on a quick coffee or lunch break. However, reaching more of a lifestyle market would be better suited to 7.30pm when consumers are switching off from a ‘day at work’.
  • Strategise what posts are suited to what days. Ie- a good company announcement will fall on deaf ears if you post it at 6pm on a Friday or a Sunday morning. Really put yourself in your consumers shoes and conduct your own market research.
  • The general consensus in regards to the number of posts is no more than two posts per day. However, the amount of posts should come down to your strategy and communications schedule. For some businesses two-three posts a week is enough to keep their market informed and their pages gaining traction. For other companies, daily posts can be effective. If you’re launching a product or making a large announcement, a ‘teaser’ style social media campaign could see two, even three posts a day in the lead up to such a launch to create momentum and hype.
  • The key to success is consistency. If your strategy and communications plan is mapped out properly, you should never be struggling to ‘fill the space’. If you let your posts slide for a few months and a potential customer comes across your page and notes your inactivity for that long period of time, they’ll often see the business as ‘stale’ or ‘lack lustre’. First impressions do count. Invest in the effort of doing it right.

Stay tuned to read more about what do if you encounter negative publicity on social media next week.