The Power Of Blogging

Written by Jeremy Scott on 21 February 2019

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If there’s one thing to say about blogging…it’s to not underestimate the POWER of the blogosphere.

In an online world booming with innovation and information, blogging serves as a rather simple yet highly effective and accessible tool for both professional and personal use. It’s often overlooked, but before giving the idea the flick , there are a number of things to consider.

Exposure & generating sales

Blogging and content marketing has the ability to expand your online presence and ‘searchability’, connecting you with potential customers. Opening up your business to a larger audience base, along with the delivery of valuable (and timely) information, can serve as  hook and bait to generating sales leads (and ultimately more revenue).

Personality packs a punch

Revenue is important, but engaging with a business with no personality is a bit like watching paint dry. Your content might reach the eyes of your audience, if it lacks a distinct (and memorable) voice, your efforts might go unrewarded.

Blogging reminds audiences there is people behind your brand.. It gives you the unique opportunity to write about topics, issues and concerns of interest to you, your employees, clients and industry as a whole. In doing so, conversations are created and connections developed. By expressing your ideas, passions and opinions (ultimately humanising your business), trust is built with your audience.

Become an authority in your industry

It’s no surprise people turn to blogs for advice, insight and opinions, which makes blogging a perfect opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise.

Whether blogging  to share general insight or blogging deep into specifics and pinpointing your experiences, you can help others while helping yourself. Quality content can grab the attention of industry professionals, helping you to earn recognition as a leader in your field.

Networking, Networking, Networking

Blogging is a community-based initiative and therefore a perfect networking tool. It’s an opportunity to find like-minded people, initiate contact and start conversations that could lead to further opportunities. Bloggers support bloggers and if someone sees value in your blog, this can often boost your credibility and grow your traffic simply by word of mouth. By creating a network, you can also develop invaluable knowledge about the industry and access to industry events you might not have otherwise.

The opportunities are endless as the blogosphere continues to evolve, so challenge yourself to put aside an hour a week to work on your blog whether for business or personal use. Good luck!