Tell your story right

Written by Kimberley Welman on 28 August 2017

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Tell your story right – fundamental elements  of a successful PR campaign.

In a world that grows more competitive by the day, nothing is more important than effective communication.

Whether it be a media release, annual report, digital or social media post,  blog, influencer partnership, testimonial or a public speech – every company has a story to tell, it’s knowing how to tell it that makes a difference.

Today on the blog, we feature Promedia’s Principal Account Manager Tanya Waite and share with you  some of her PR ‘words of wisdom’. Tanya has worked on both sides of the media playing field as a journalist and senior publicist and for the past decade has headed PR campaigns for a diverse portfolio of clients, including ASX-listed companies and private organisations across Australia.

Here’s what Tanya had to say when asked for her ‘top tips’ on running a successful PR campaign;

* Ensure the campaign has strategic focus

Every PR plan must be working towards an overall strategy and end goal. Identify your target market and stakeholders. Establish key messages and timelines and identify the delivery mechanisms to communicate them.

*Maintain strong lines of communication

As a publicist working on behalf of a client, there is a two-prong approach to strong communication. 1) Ensure you have clear and regular communication channels with the client and other members of the marketing team. This ensures that you can act quickly to address issues which may promote success or have a potential adverse impact. 2) When you are liaising  with the media, stakeholders or public on behalf of your client, you must deliver clear, concise messages and exude professional etiquette . Every word (written or spoken) on behalf of your client is reflective of their reputation (and yours).

* Writing skills must be on point

Ensure your messages have impact, are clearly understood and create a response. Your audience must be kept well informed. The ability to prepare tailored media material quickly and accurately determines whether your messages are being heard or sinking without a trace.

*Be publicity savvy

The traditional news media is becoming increasingly complex and fragmented. Journalists are under more pressure than ever to process material faster and from a multitude of sources. Contacts, the ability to recognise what makes news and what doesn’t, is paramount.

*Harness the power of digital and social media

The reach, immediacy and useability of social and digital media means that these channels are a critical component of any integrated communications strategy. It is a bustling marketplace for business and when used with the right content as part of a PR  program, there can be an exponential lift in the  value to  a  business.

*In addition to what you know, it’s who you know

Established contacts count. Develop an enviable network of people who know and trust you. Know the connections that bind a host of influencers, gatekeepers and decision makers.

*Detailed evaluation methods

Measure and analyse. Provide clients with detailed action plans and activity reports. Continuously update them to ensure all goals are being achieved.


Since 1983, Promedia has delivered effective Public Relations campaigns for a diverse range of clients across property, business, Government, education, health, tourism and community sectors.