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Written by Kimberley Welman on 11 January 2018

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How can influencer partnerships, social media collaborations and ambassador programs benefit a business?

 Strategic alliances with like-minded partners can be a powerful mechanism for amplifying a message and brand. The right partnership, sponsored post or ambassador program can unlock synergies that drive sales and enable messages to be heard by select audiences that might otherwise be out of reach.

Testimonials, advertorials and ambassador endorsements have always been an effective way to promote a brand, product, service or business but with the evolution of ‘new media’, the opportunities surrounding this style of publicity (influencer marketing) are phenomenal.

Consumers aren’t buying into the flashy ads anymore. They want reviews, they want testimonials, they want ratings, they want creativity,  they want to know what others are saying, they want to be engaged and social media is fuelling them with it all.

Here’s a quick run down on some of the digital marketing partnerships and how they can benefit a business (no matter what industry).


A digital/social media influencer is a person, brand or product that boasts a substantial number of followers on social media. The following is built of an organic, loyal and engaged audience that trusts the influencers recommendations, reviews and advice.

(Be aware of influencers with a ‘fake’ following. Look for engagement (likes, comments) and not just a number of followers! A professional can decipher the dishonest profiles).


 There are a few different approaches to influencer marketing. They can be as simple as –

– A one off sponsored social media post; This is generally seen to build some instant awareness for a company.

– An on-going sponsored campaign, where a series of sponsored posts take place over an agreed time frame; This assists a business increase its awareness and the continuous posts often build in a series of key messages into a campaign that work towards an overall strategy.

– An ambassador style partnership; where an influencer agrees to exclusively partner with a brand for a longer period of time and offers a continuous and consistent flow of posts. This type of brand advocacy is seen to be the most beneficial as it shows the influencer truly trusts the brand and on-going recommendations can drive substantial business results.


In any publicity program, there should always be a detailed communications schedule that highlights pre-branding, launches, promotions, publicity opportunities, updates, milestones, events etc. The timing of engaging an influencer partnership should be injected into an on-going strategic PR program at an appropriate time.


The beauty of ‘new media’ means that almost everyone is accessible these days and an influencer partnership isn’t limited to location. Depending on the business, brand or product – there are occasions when material/s can be sent to an influencer and a relationship can be launched without even meeting in person. For some relationships, it’s best for an influencer to be ‘onsite’ and accessible in person.


There has been a massive influx of organisations redirecting their marketing budgets from traditional press advertisements to digital partnership marketing. The main reason for this is because they are seeing more value in having the right person ‘say something’ about them, rather than the company ‘trying to say something about themselves’. When a business marries up with the right partner who can tell a story, appeal to human core values and weave in key messages in an insightful way – the result is more powerful communications. That level of publicity indirectly steers consumers towards a sales funnel.


There is no shortage in the number of credible influencers available on social media, it’s a highly competitive market. To gain their attention, a business needs to be smart, nimble and professional in their pitch. The ‘top end’ crowd often have agents and receive hundreds of emails a day. For a serious pitch that stands out, consult a professional that can firstly  recommend the ‘right fit’ for your business and secondly, act on your behalf to communicate  with them. It  requires careful execution, together with  skilled management for the entire campaign.


Promedia works with an array of clients to identify potential partnerships and brand endorsements. We assess the opportunities for both parties, negotiate mutually agreeable terms and work to ensure both parties achieve maximum benefit.


If you are a social media influencer (specialising in property, lifestyle, retail, tourism, education or health) and would like to join our partnerships database, please send your details to


Promedia’s digital + social division is managed by Kimberley Welman (digital influencer of 100k followers and partner of some of Australia’s most respected brands).