Publicity & media relations

Positive exposure in the news media is one of the most highly effective channels of communication, and over time greatly increases awareness in the community and credibility for any business, government agency or not-for-profit.

With the environment in which the news media operates becoming ever more complex, and deadlines becoming tighter by the day, it’s never been more important for organisations to employ professional media assistance.

Promedia has widespread and close contacts across the old and new media spectrum, the ability to recognise what qualifies as news and what doesn’t, the skills to tell a story that sings and to prepare media material quickly and accurately to the standards demanded by news organisations.

We have an outstanding record of achievement in this field, having consistently generated positive, repetitive media exposure for an array of clients internationally, nationally and locally since 1983.

Corporate communications

Whether it’s an annual report, tender document, important internal staff communication or the keynote speech to be delivered at the AGM, Promedia knows how to craft the message that you need to deliver.

We listen, ask questions, drill down to the key messages, assess the target audiences, interpret, examine the opportunities and pitfalls. We draft, then redraft, until your narrative is as powerful and authentic as it can be.

Across the gamut of corporate communications, Promedia functions as an extension of the executive team, providing positive input and working collaboratively while at the same time remaining at arm’s length to offer objective, independent advice.

Many senior executives lack the training or time to communicate effectively. Promedia can quickly sort out seemingly complex communications issues and find solutions that are succinct, easy to understand and easy to implement.

Event Management

Media conferences, official openings, launch ceremonies and other special events can be minefields for the inexperienced.

Promedia’s experience and recognised skills in this area ensure your event goes like clockwork.

We have the proven organisational skills and systems, creativity, an insistence on attention to detail and, where necessary, the capacity to take complete control, leaving clients free to gain the most benefit from an occasion.

Promedia’s contacts, knowledge of protocol and ability to arrange attendance of dignitaries have proven extremely useful to hundreds of clients over more than 30 years, creating events that in many cases have attracted national and international media exposure.

Government relations

Through years of dealing closely with politicians and public servants at every level, Promedia has the capacity to get important messages through to government in the local, state or federal sphere.

This is simply knowing how governments are structured and how they work, and is often augmented by the use of government contacts which have been built up over the years.

Promedia can act as an agent for your organisation in its dealings with government, advising on the right approach for a submission or issue and assisting with the preparation of briefing documents or the conduct of large-scale public campaigns.

We are a proven winner in the political field with an outstanding track record in lobbying and election campaigns.

The firm is listed on the Queensland Register of Lobbyists and all Promedia consultants are individually registered as lobbyists.

Reputation & issues management

Reputations built over many years must be jealously protected. Promedia recognises that internal issues have the potential to spill over into reputational impacts. We understand that the confluence of seemingly unconnected external issues with your day-to-day operations has the potential to enhance – or to detract – from your reputation.

Promedia works with organisations to develop a thorough understanding of the environment and regulatory framework in which they operate. This enables us to remain alert to trends and shifts in the landscape that affect your organisation and to develop the tools, protocols and training necessary for you to adapt and respond to emerging issues.

Our aim is to guide you through the tangle of information to identify the critical questions, manage the information flow and maximise your opportunity for enhanced credibility and reputation.

Community & stakeholder engagement

In today’s environment, genuine engagement and consultation with communities is, almost without exception, critical to the success of any major property development or infrastructure project.

Over almost two decades Promedia has co-ordinated numerous community engagement programs for projects that have ranged from small local government improvement works to multi-billion dollar masterplanned township and State infrastructure developments.

Community and stakeholder engagement is a highly specialised craft that requires the development of the right communication tools, the establishment of effective feedback mechanisms and the production of credible and meaningful reports.

Our knowledge of stakeholder management, communication processes and consultation techniques places Promedia in a unique position to advise and provide counsel on the best approaches to consultation.

Members of our community engagement team have worked in-house as well as in a consulting capacity which means we understand what it feels like to walk in your shoes. We know that good consultation requires careful management, crafted to suit each situation, not a ‘cookie cutter’ approach. Many of Promedia’s engagement programs have been crucial in either government decision making or statutory approval processes.

Promedia abides by community consultation best practice as outlined by the Queensland State Government and the principles of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA).

Media training

With our extensive media knowledge we are able to advise and demonstrate to clients the best way to handle situations involving the working media.

Training in how to react in an interview situation, what to say and more importantly what not to say, can be enormously beneficial particularly for someone lacking confidence or not often exposed to the media.

Our training programs place clients in “live” interview situations before the camera and microphone, enabling a constructive critique that improves confidence, minimises technical flaws and allows executives to communicate effectively on behalf of their organisation.

Social media & digital communications

The reach, immediacy and useability of social and digital media means these channels are today a critical component of any integrated communications strategy.

Regardless of the medium however, the great power of a clear strategy and effective communication remains. At Promedia we place the strategy first, from which we work with our clients to develop the key messages, target audiences and timelines to drive a successful tactical rollout across both online and offline platforms.

Our specialist digital strategists work with Promedia’s traditional media personnel to ensure our clients’ message is communicated effectively in real time across all relevant channels.

In this way, we harness the power of social and digital media not only to protect and manage an organisation’s brand and reputation, but to build meaningful relationships with stakeholders, influencers and customers – relationships that generate real business outcomes.

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Crisis communications

Promedia understands that the key to successful crisis communications is prior planning. It’s too late to work up your crisis plan once a full-blooded emergency is erupting around you.

Promedia works with organisations and individuals to identify potential points of crisis, wargame scenarios and establish plans and protocols for the management of any incident should it occur.

We help pinpoint the personnel who will be critical to a crisis response, assign roles and responsibilities, document procedures and compile incident checklists and instructions.

If required, we can provide media training in a simulated crisis situation with television and radio interviews by working journalists so the executives can experience proper one-on-one and pack media crisis interview situations.

Brand development & activation

At Promedia we believe brand is about more than just a series of media releases, press ads or a brilliant logo.

We believe a brand is about desire.

It’s a deep need to want to connect with your organisation, product or service – for people to want to reach out and forge a relationship with something that elevates their sense of themselves.

A brand is an emotional force, a powerful idea whose time is now. Unlocking that power demands that you listen to your audience, engage and excite their emotions, create a two-way conversation and develop the stories and images that move them to action.

Promedia has been telling those stories for more than 30 years. Our depth of writing, visual and creative talent across the spectrum of traditional, digital and social media ensures your stories soar above the ruck, get people talking and have the power to energise and activate.

Market research

Timely, professionally-developed research is the foundation for any successful marketing and communications program. Guessing what your audience wants is no substitute for knowing or, even better, genuinely understanding people’s needs and desires.

Promedia has years of experience in market and stakeholder research for clients in both the government and private sectors, enabling them to accurately reach the people who matter to them and achieve the outcomes they seek.

From simple information kiosks, to open days, online engagement tools and sophisticated computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) surveys, Promedia can co-ordinate the full suite of research tasks and provides analysed reports which enable our clients to move forward with confidence.

We operate under the Australian Market and Social Research Society’s Code of Professional Behaviour and maintain professional research standards at all times.

Sponsorships & strategic partnerships

Strategic alliances with like-minded partners can be a powerful mechanism for amplifying your message and brand.

The right partnership, sponsorship or brand ambassador unlocks synergies that drive sales and enable your message to be heard by select audiences that might otherwise be out of reach.

Promedia works with clients to identify potential partnerships and alignments that deliver the right fit for their brand and business objectives. We assess the opportunities for both parties, negotiate mutually agreeable terms and work to ensure both parties achieve maximum benefit.

Proven expertise
that moves people
to think & act.

Founded on the Gold Coast in 1983 in the hothouse atmosphere of booming real estate development and explosive tourism growth, Promedia today offers unparalleled expertise in and understanding of the property, construction, lifestyle and tourism sectors.

Our clients in these areas include some of the country’s largest and most successful private and publicly listed companies, some of whom have retained the firm from inception.

Promedia is also active in the health and knowledge sectors where we are retained by major hospitals and educational institutions.

Today we operate coast to coast, in Australia and overseas, for both domestic and offshore clients.



When it comes to property public relations no-one beats Promedia’s more than 30 years of experience, knowledge and insights.

We were there for the birth of modern project marketing in Australia, working with PRD Realty founders Gordon and Archie Douglas when they devised the selling systems that drove the Gold Coast high rise development boom of the early 1980s.

We were the PR consultants for The Sanctuary Cove Ultimate Event and project launch in 1988, featuring Frank Sinatra and Whitney Houston – to this day probably the best known resort marketing launch ever staged in Australia.

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, we planned and executed public relations campaigns for literally hundreds of apartment projects, office buildings, retail centres, industrial parks and masterplanned townships throughout Australia and overseas. The combined value of these projects tops $20 billion. The publicity value achieved nationally and internationally by Promedia runs literally to tens of millions of dollars.

Today we remain at the forefront of public relations for the property sector, continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible and retained by numerous public and private development companies, construction groups, marketing agencies, engineers, town planners and architecture and design groups.

In Brief;

  • We are the premier agency in property
  • 30 years of experience across major projects
  • We work with a range of clients across many different project types


Promedia has been responsible for numerous community consultation and engagement programs for local and state government for more than a decade.

Projects have included city planning, urban redevelopment and infrastructure initiatives ranging in development value from less than $10 million to more than $1 billion.

We have successfully managed election campaigns at local and State Government level and are also registered government lobbyists with an outstanding track record in advocating for a variety of social, economic and industry issues.

In Brief;

  • 10+ years of facilitating community consultation and engagement programs
  • Projects covering everything from city planning to local and state election campaigns


Educational institutions operate in an increasingly competitive environment that demands effective, proactive communications.

Promedia’s experience in working with private schools and higher educational institutions, including one of the nation’s leading universities for whom we provide full media communications, means we have a comprehensive understanding of this field.

Promedia can assist your educational institution with the full range of communications needs, from publicity and media liaison to assistance with critical incident planning and communications, organisation of on-campus events, thought leadership programs and strategic partnerships.

Our programs ensure that the ethos and brand of your school, college or university is effectively communicated both internally and externally.

In Brief;

  • Years of experience means a comprehensive understanding of this field
  • We can assist with a full range of communication needs
Tourism & Hospitality

Tourism & Hospitality

Promedia’s Gold Coast heritage means we have been a tourism specialist since day one. Our clients include major resort brands, iconic tourism properties and attractions, boutique hotels and destinational campaigns.

From Port Douglas to Airlie Beach, the Great Barrier Reef and islands of Moreton Bay, down to the Sunshine and Gold Coasts, northern NSW and the Victorian and Japanese ski fields – for three decades Promedia has provided strategic communications advice and tactical campaigns for more than $10 billion worth of tourism property.

Our communications campaigns have played a key role in major tourism industry awards and we continue to develop and execute targeted, creative campaigns that deliver real results.

In Brief;

  • Tourism specialists since day one
  • Experience across major tourism icons from Port Douglas to the Victorian Ski fields


From marinas and motor yacht manufacturers to fine dining restaurants, bars and coffee shops, day spas, international surfwear brands – we’ve done it all in the lifestyle space.

The results achieved for our clients in these areas are testament to the experience and expertise of our senior consultants, as well as our reputation and widespread network of contacts within the media.

These contacts include not only general, property, business, financial, tourism, lifestyle and fashion media, but also key journalists in a range of print, radio, television and digital media.

These strong relationships, combined with Promedia’s strategic insight and tactical flair, have allowed us to achieve high and consistent levels of consumer engagement, brand amplification and sales results for our clients.

In Brief;

  • We've worked with a wide range of leading lifestyle brands
  • Our network of key contacts increase your reach


Promedia’s first client was a small private hospital on the Gold Coast, whose founder paid us in advance for a month on appointment and then promptly disappeared to Ireland on holiday.

No-one ever got more bang for their PR buck. That hospital was lavished with more professional care and attention than anyone had a right to expect from one month’s fees – all we knew was we wanted to make it to month two.

More than three decades on, the hospital’s founder is now deceased and Promedia has moved on to other hospitals. But we remain committed to delivering legendary client service in the health space.

Promedia is retained by private hospitals, day surgeries, aged care providers and specialist pathology laboratories in both Queensland and New South Wales.

We recognise and understand the particular demands and challenges of health sector communications. We see opportunities and issues from multiple stakeholder perspectives. We are alert to the constantly evolving policy and regulatory settings and their interface with health care providers. We are adept at solutions, agile in our responses.

In Brief;

  • Our first client was in the health industry
  • We remain committed to meeting the demands and challenges of the health sector

Delivering Results Isn't Rocket Science…


We identify the target audiences and stakeholders, establish the key messages and timelines and identify the mechanisms for delivery.


We establish clear and regular communication channels with the client and other members of the marketing team. This ensures we act quickly to address issues which may promote success or have a potential adverse impact.


We believe the power of the written word remains fundamental. Whether it be digital, social or traditional media – an annual report, facebook post or a public speech – outstanding writing is what sets Promedia apart. Our team of highly skilled writers and years of experience ensure your message has impact, is clearly understood and creates response.


The news media is becoming increasingly complex and fragmented. Journalists are under more pressure than ever to process material faster and from a multitude of sources. In this environment it’s critical to have professional media assistance. Contacts, the ability to recognise what’s news and what isn’t, and the skills to prepare tailored media material quickly and accurately are the difference between your message being heard and sinking without trace.

Promedia has an unsurpassed record of achievement in this complex area of public relations.


We’ve been around long enough to have developed an enviable network of people who know and trust us. We know the connections that bind a host of influencers, gatekeepers and decision makers. Got a problem? Chances are we know or can reach the people who can help you.


We measure and analyse. We provide our clients with detailed action plans and activity reports. We continuously update to ensure our clients know what activity is taking place and within what timeframes.