How to use Social Media Effectively

Written by Jeremy Scott on 11 April 2017

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When Facebook first launched it was purely social,  but fast-forward to today and it (alongside all of the other social media outlets) has become a bustling marketplace for business. Today’s consumers want to know everything about your business. They want reviews, they want ratings, they want to see what others are saying about you, your service or your product. Everything that you write on your page matters.

Here are a few quick  tips to consider when using social media;


  • A social media plan needs a strategy. There needs to be a clear vision and goal and there needs to be quarterly evaluation methods in place to track its success.
  • The strategy should be executed alongside a PR and marketing plan. Social media complements traditional communications campaigns, it doesn’t replace them.
  • Communicate key messages, but in a softer and more ‘social’ tone.
  • Content (copy and images) is king. Make it worthwhile and informative. The consumer wants to feel educated in some way – not as though they are being ‘sold’ something with every post. They love to feel that right there in that moment, they’ve received some free or useful information before anyone else. They’ve got their finger on the pulse, so to speak.
  • With consistent posts that offer ‘newsworthy and useful’ information/education  comes a level of trust and brand awareness. And, the consumer will then subconsciously keep your company in mind when it comes to a decision making process in relation to your business. It can also prompt the consumer to speed up that ‘sales’ decision.
  • Have an allocated and qualified professional managing your social media channels. In addition to strategising and implementing content, it’s important to respond to any questions, comments and private messages. A private message must be treated like a professional email to your office. Action it accordingly. This is key in ‘engaging’ with your audience. They want to see your company giving them YOUR time.
  • Ensure photos are of a high standard and copy is edited prior to posting. Never rush a post.
  • In addition to your professional/industry posts that form part of your strategy, inject some more ‘personable’ posts. People love to see the’ real people’ behind a company. It allows them to connect on a more personal and social level.