15 Feb
What if a Business Encounters Negative Publicity on Social Media?

It’s important to have a ‘crisis social media management plan’ in place if running a large business. This…

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11 Jan
Snapshot of influencer partnerships

How can influencer partnerships, social media collaborations and ambassador programs benefit a business?  Strategic alliances with like-minded partners…

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1 Dec
Tips on running a successful corporate event

For an event to be successful – it takes a superior level of organisational skills, creativity, an insistence…

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2 Nov
Brand development and activation

A ‘brand’ is more than just a brilliant logo, flashy advertisement or a series of media releases. We…

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20 Oct
10 tips to increase your social media following

10 tips to increase your social media following (market) ~  by Kimberley Welman, founder of @StayStrongMummy and digital manager…

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12 Sep
How to synchronise a simple communications plan

PR, social media, digital communications, websites, newsletters – WHERE DO I START? Here’s a basic run down on…

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