10 tips to increase your social media following

Written by Kimberley Welman on 20 October 2017

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10 tips to increase your social media following (market) ~  by Kimberley Welman, founder of @StayStrongMummy and digital manager at @PromediaPR

  1. Understand that while your social media pages are (in essence) about your business, they are not actually about you. They are about your followers. Always go into a post thinking, what’s in it for them? What is going to educate, excite, engage and stimulate them?
  2. Map out your strategy. Is it to tap into a new market, launch a product/service, increase your database, retain existing customers, engage in pre-branding etc. Know what your vision is, your delivery mechanisms (post ideas, content, images) stem from there.
  3. Keep posts consistent and timely. For a small to medium business looking to create traction and build momentum, aim for a minimum of three posts per week. The number of posts should be determined by the strategy and your current communications campaign.
  4. Plan to plan. Set yourself deadlines and a communications calendar, outlining days/times to post. Write content ahead of time and aim to work one month in advance. Schedule posts at the start of each month. This not only takes the time and pressure off posting weekly, it ensures you’re sticking to your game plan and not getting distracted.
  5. Ensure content is professional, but also soft and personable. Aim for 80% insight / value content and 20% a direct sales push.
  6. When starting out, try and steer clear of ‘asking’ too many questions in an attempt to create engagement. Focus on responding to comments as often as you can. That’s where the engagement is.
  7. Get active on ‘liking’ and ‘following’ other like-minded pages, particularly those with larger profiles. Review their content. Are they looking for guest bloggers? Can you create content to suit their market and in return, get your business shared across their pages. What collaborations / social media influencers can benefit your business? One post, from the right person/business/brand, can exponentially raise your profile and allow you to tap into an instant new market.
  8. Always evaluate and come back to the drawing board. Every three months, check that your social campaign is reflective of your vision, brand and goals. It’s easy to steer off in other directions.
  9. Utilise the business analytics/insights built into the social media platforms and review profiles, demographics and your most popular posts.
  10. First impressions count. Research shows that consumers will check your social media pages before your website. Keep them updated, professional and reflective of your brand, service or product. Can’t keep up? Outsource it.