28 Aug
Tell your story right

Tell your story right – fundamental elements  of a successful PR campaign. In a world that grows more…

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22 Jul
Social Media is here to stay

Social Media is no longer just a ‘social’ networking platform, it’s one of the most effective communication and…

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25 May
When to use Social Media

Knowing WHEN to post your content on social media is just as important as knowing what you are…

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11 Apr
How to use Social Media Effectively

When Facebook first launched it was purely social,  but fast-forward to today and it (alongside all of the…

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5 Apr
What is the difference between PR and marketing?

A great way to understand the difference between PR, marketing and also social media is to picture them…

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22 Mar
Top 5 PR Tips

Ever wondered why some companies and brands consistently appear in the media? Sometimes, it might be luck. Most…

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